Where to Read

Alzheimer’s Association
In 2017, I began writing and volunteering with the Alzheimer’s Association. The Alzheimer’s Association works to fund research, treatment, and aid for families with Alzheimer’s, hoping to one day find a cure. Part of this effort is archiving the stories and experiences of those living with the disease. It has been a pleasure to interview these people and write the stories of loved ones with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
In early 2017, I made my debut on Argot Online Magazine with a personal essay about traversing my first crush in the strange years of middle school. Between faking infatuation on one of the many Michaels in my 7th grade class, to covering my tracks in games of Truth or Dare, it made for an interesting waltz into the realm of romance. Argot is an online publication which features fiction, nonfiction, personal essay,s and even poetry.
Tea & Fiction
Beginning late 2016, I started blogging with Tea & Fiction. I started writing with T&F while covering the weekly episodes of American Horror Story season 6. T&F is a nonprofit writing website that encourages writers of all sorts, as long as you enjoy exploring the nature of fiction media over a good cup of tea.
Houstonia Magazine
Starting in 2015, I began work with a Houston-local features magazine called Houstonia. I acted as a freelance writer and intern for several months, publishing regular pieces in food, travel, fashion, and entertainment writing. I was asked to stay on extra and act as interim editor for a bit, and while working as an editor, a personal essay of mine was published in the print, as well as online, editions of the magazine.
NYU Publishing Institute
While attending New York University’s Publishing Institute, I was able to report on a student gathering. Collecting testimonials, interviewing panel guests, and all while enjoying an open buffet.
“100 Days as a Lamb”
While still in college, I served as the Editor-in-Chief of Agnes Scott College’s undergraduate literary magazine, the Aurora. The year before I began working on the editing staff of the Aurora, I was featured as a writer with my flash fiction piece “100 Days as a Lamb.”

If you’re interested in reading my fan works, then please click here! My AO3 account updates as I write more character study pieces for fan publication. Stories like “Blooming,” a Final Fantasy 4 study on Rosa Farrell, and “Metamorphosis,” a ficlet about Melia from Xenoblade Chronicles 3D are currently readable. Some other fanfictions will be put up soon, as they are developed and written.

Web Designs

In addition to my written and editorial freelancing, I have also been a part of website management, update, and design. Below are some of the links to websites and organizations I’ve been a part of.