The year was 1992, on a sunny, tepid February afternoon when–p1040205

Just kidding. We’ll skip the formalities, since the only reason you’re on my website is to learn more about my writing. The real origin of which involves a shameful dive into the deep netherworld of middle school fanfiction. I told my first stories in the form of overly dramatic vampire-highschool AU combos and character studies which I thought were “SO enlightening.” (We were all twelve once, please don’t judge me too harshly)

As most people do, I’ve grown since those long ago days of writing self-insert author’s notes before each online update. I have gotten my Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from my lovely alma mater, Agnes Scott College, and attended the illustrious New York University Publishing Institute as part of my on-going graduate studies. Throughout these periods of academic training, I’ve developed a diverse written portfolio– from nonfiction articles to speculative fiction.

My Where to Read page will tell you all the places to find my published work, but if you’re wondering what I most love to write and read about, then look no further than right here. I have been a lover of fantasy since I was a wee child, being read The Tinderbox by my mother before bed. Historical fiction, as well as nonfiction biographies, are another interest, as is the diverse world of graphic novels. I have a love for horror movies and classic written horror, own every volume of The Vintage Tea Party Book thus far, and keep several collections of Ovid’s translated works near me at all times. But above all, my first storytelling love comes in the form of video games, which helped teach me how to focus on dialogue and give books a chance when I was still eight and too stubborn to read.

If you’re interested in working with me, then please look at the Contact Page for how to reach out.